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The 5 NY Eateries You Need To Try (and Instagram!)

Author Editor - 2 minute read

New Yorkers often joke that you could eat every meal of the day at a different restaurant every day and likely never need to repeat places. From our experience, we’d put money on that being true. New York City takes it’s food very seriously and vibes sometimes even more serious. We rounded up five of our favorite NYC eateries that are a can’t miss if you’re in the Big Apple:

New York Restaurants - Lucien


Lucien, depending on who you ask, is one of the few East Village institution holding out strong amongst the ever changing dining trends of New York’s downtown food scene. One step into this intimate hole-in-the-wall and you’ll be wondering how you’ve ever lived without it. First timers, order the Steak Frites and trust us, you’ll want to ask for extra sauce. Don’t be surprised if the waiters-slash-models hurriedly seat you at one of their tiny tables and you look over to be rubbing elbows with Hollywood’s cool kids...most likely asking for extra sauce too. Photo courtesy of NY Eater.

New York Restaurants - Gitano


One of the most talked about openings of the summer, Gitano is a small slice of the Yucatan in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood. After solidifying it’s place in it’s hometown of Tulum, the restaurant is quickly becoming a fan favorite amongst  the Insta-crowd. While visiting Gitano, we advise you order one of their infamous mezcal cocktails and lose yourself in the tropical locale. Warning: We’re not responsible if you wake up the next day with a flight to Tulum booked! Photo courtesy of Grupo Gitano.

New York Restaurants - JaJaJa


With more and more people opting into the vegan diet, JaJaJa has staked a claim as the go-to Mexican vegan joint in New York. This eatery is beautifully decorated combining a sunny California aesthetic with mexican flare -- much like the dining options you’ll find on the menu. The nachos and the chili relleno come highly recommended. Photo courtesy of The Infatuation.

New York Restaurants - De Maria

De Maria

A rose by any other name...De Maria is a true gem in the heart of Nolita. It’s the perfect blend of casual and sophisticated with a fresh offering of innovative plates and a chic backdrop that draws you in each time. This place could easily be your new favorite spot. Photo courtesy of The M.P Shift.

New York Restaurants - Lilia


For this spot, you’ll need to travel across the East River into Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, but don’t be discouraged by the trek. The three month long waiting list for a spot at this renowned italian eatery proves that if, and only if, you’re able to score a table, the food will be well worth any endured challenges. Stick around after dinner and walk through the ‘burg to the river - the view is unbeatable at sunset. Photo courtesy of Lilia.